City of Elmina

City of Elmina’s vision is to create a thriving sustainable community for generations to come, by designing and executing a masterplan that is based on the Sime Darby’s holistic approach to sustainability – based on achieving a balance between the 3 ‘P’ – Planet (environmental), People (socio-economic), and Prosperity (financial). In term of environment, we are re-purposing chopped palm oil trees to become SILT Fence,incorporating Water Sensitive Urban Design principles, minimizing pollution, incorporating LED low power usage fittings or suitable equivalent; and buildings must incorporate technologies that assist with generating their own energy for powering lighting and building systems. Whilst in terms of traffic, the project will integrate a higher degree of connectivity for socio-economy – the residents surrounding these developments stand to benefit from improved quality of living with the wellness amenities here.“With the vision to be No. 1 sustainable property developer in Malaysia and beyond”, sustainability remains central to the team’s business practice and strategy, and key component of the design and management approach. The team ensure their roles of maintaining balance, ensuring that the plans by various consultants and engineers are developed and delivered harmoniously. The community will further benefit from firstclass medical facilities, wellness hospitality and complementary wellness-oriented services and providers, and improved the affordability of housing by improving the way we live, offering full range of public amenities within convenient travelling distances, high degree of access and accessibility as well as offer job opportunities.

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