Education and Rehabilitation For Children with Cerebral Palsy

The 57-year old SCAS&FT offers life-long FREE support to children with cerebral palsy through various services and programmes irrespective their race. The Spastic Center comprises a Special Education School, Vocational Training, a Sheltered Workshop and a Rehabilitation Center. The School carries out both teaching and extracurricular while the rehabilitation center provides a wide range of comprehensive treatments which include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy & hydrotherapy. Since its formation in 1960, many thousands of cerebral palsy children have been admitted and rehabilitated at the Centre. All services provided by the Spastic Centre are free-of-charge. Currently, about 150 spastic children are receiving special education and treatment from the Centre. Staff and volunteers are learning immensely in looking after the special children regardless of ageĀ and disability from infant to adulthood.The existence of SCAS&FT provides a big ray of hope for children with cerebral palsy and there is no exit age in the Centre. Parents, visitors and supporters feel gratified and heartwarming to see children learning how to walk and walk with dignity for the first time as late as after 20 years of age! Our children have achieved many success in Sport for the disabled at Paralympics in world. It enables the Association continue to carry out all the services provided free of charge to existing and new coming children with cerebral palsy.


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