WINNER 2020 Heng Hiap- Goal 12 : Responsible Consumption And Production

Heng Hiap’s PLASHAUS project: Closing the Loop & Advancing Plastic Recycling in Malaysia (Ocean Plastic into Sustainable Development 5C Business Model) PROJECT DESCRIPTION Heng Hiap Industries (HHI), an advanced recycled plastic manufacturer in Malaysia. PLASHAUS is HHI’s in-house ocean plastic brand that was created in 23rd May 2017 as a result of successful innovations and … Read more

Winner 2019 Responsible Consumption & Production

2019 Best Of The Best Project PROJECT DESCRIPTION The chosen project for participation is named as Green Market, Green Community. It is a project mainly focusing on sustainable organic waste and recyclables management for three wet markets The vision of the project is to achieve responsible consumption and production along the food supply chain. The … Read more


Neubodi has been on a mission to make women feel confident since year 2008. With an extensive range of brassieres from band sizes 65 to 100, and cup sizes A to I, we are a lingerie brand that represents an effortless body transformation by providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern … Read more