Producing Industry-Relevant Graduates At The Workplace

PKT is a leading niche logistics service provider in Malaysia and has a presence in South Korea, Taiwan and most ASEAN countries. It is an active proponent of unique and innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and has won many accolades, including the Frost and Sullivan Niche Logistics Service Provider of the Year, Sinchew Business … Read more

Affordable and High Quality Education for Less Privileged Students

University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) is the culmination of the State of Sarawak’s vision and commitment in establishing a world-class institution of higher learning founded on science and technology to spearhead the development and production of technical human resource for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). Situated in Sibu, one of the main … Read more

JCI OKU Career Fair

JCI Bukit Mertajam (Malaysia) is affiliated on 1975 to JCI Malaysia & Junior Chamber international (JCI). JCI OKU Career Fair aims to provide Persons With Disabilities (PWD) candidates an opportunity to directly interact with companies during career fair. JCI OKU Career Fair is endorsed & supported by YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State Exco for … Read more

Alphacap Startup Incubation Program

This project aims to boost the Digital Economy growth in South East Asia and creating wealth to the region. It creates a channel for the employees to share their knowledge and experience in a structured manner, creating a bigger impact on digital economy. The employees are also building up and strengthening their area of expertise, … Read more

SoyAi Malaysia-Soymilk Self-Sustainability Project

Through “A Better Tomorrow, One Soybean at a Time,” we aim to create a platform for the refugees to live independently and sustainably through the spirit of entrepreneurship. The profit generated will significantly reduce the financial burden of the refugees who relies on the public fund to fund their children’s education. Fostering social awareness and … Read more

‘Anak Belajar Ibu Bekerja’(ABIB)

PKT has a unique philosophy towards Corporate Social Responsibility: “CSR is not about how you spend your profits, it is about how responsible you are in making your profits.” ABIB is PKT’s CSR Programme where we employ mothers and housewives from surrounding communities to undertake casual work in our warehouses. With ABIB, these mothers and … Read more

City of Elmina

City of Elmina’s vision is to create a thriving sustainable community for generations to come, by designing and executing a masterplan that is based on the Sime Darby’s holistic approach to sustainability – based on achieving a balance between the 3 ‘P’ – Planet (environmental), People (socio-economic), and Prosperity (financial). In term of environment, we … Read more

Turning into PET plastic waste into intermediary for production of polyester thread

ESH Resources started the recycling business back in 1986 as collectors of papers, plastic, metals and other recyclable products. Then we began our relationship with paper mills and started sorting the paper products collected before packing them for processing to create new paper products. After 10 years ago, we expanded our business operation to include processing … Read more

Turning Plastic Degradable without affecting the cost

Polyseed SSD Sdn Bhd is incorporated in Malaysia on 4th March 2005 under Companies Act. The principle business is development of technology additives like Oxo and biodegradables to mix with plastic resin and accelerate the life span of plastic after disposal. Upon disposal, the plastic shall self degraded onto powder and consumed by micro organism … Read more

City of Elmina

The township is planned based on the existing site topography. Existing hills and river are retained and enhanced. Appropriate products and zonings are planned to reflect the terrain and surrounding context. The results are a well planned township deriving from natural topographical context of the existing site. The masterplan encapsulates the natural environment into the … Read more

Internationalizing JCI Petaling Jaya – Embracing Cultural Diversity for Would Peace

JCI Petaling Jaya was established in year 1980 and is an award winning local organisation, having won the Most Outstanding Local Organisation from year 2009-2015 and other awards. Embracing Cultural Diversity for World Peace is a series of activities/projects focusing on promoting cultural diversity and internationalism with 3 different levels of exposures including people development, … Read more

520 Peace Virtual Run

This year, JCIM Area Sarawak’s theme is “Together we are one team”. The biggest area project this year is “520 Peace Virtual Run”. 520 Peace Virtual Run aims to raise awareness of love and peace through run which is a self motivated run for runners to run anywhere, anytime and at any pace and speed. … Read more