Borneo Indigenous Penan Community Project at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club

Our management decided to bring along the Penan group while transformed from timber industry to golf course industry due to Penan group will lose their jobs in timber industry and difficult for them to survive. This project aims to help Penan group to adapt well for their transition to modern society and improve their life quality with their own ability from old to younger generation so as to eliminate Penan group’s poverty gradually in long terms. Penan Community Development results in positives outcomes as job opportunity, basic facility & sanitary, Noah’s Ark Kindergarten, empowerment of women, accessibility and training skill.This project has introduced Penan group to the local community in order to know more on Penan group background and culture. This project will enhance the community cohesion between the Penans and the local community also contributes to the growth of local business. It will increase Penan living standard by providing them with stable job and income, access to childcare, education and healthcare service. Our organization are using bottom up approach by consulting the Penans’ need and involve them in this entire project and come out with a plan which can fulfill their needs. After that, we will explain to them about the planning. Thus, we are able help to advance the SDG of No Poverty in terms of Penan group by combine the sustainable development and participative development concept.


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