Be A Buddy Not A Bully

JCI Bandar Klang is a youth organization established in October 2016 and our membership has increased by 50% every year.
Our mission is to empower youth to be active citizens and solve social challenges in Klang. To achieve our goals, we have planned impactful projects under the 4 main pillars.
  1. Individual: A self-improvement campaign, “Change Begin with Me” to encourage members to change undesirable habits like smoking, obesity, etc.
  2. Business: A business connection network, “Entrepreneur Business Club” which promotes business sharing and connection for members and locals.
  3. Community: An anti bullying campaign, “Be A Buddy, Not A Bully” was created to tackle the rise of school bullying cases in Malaysia. A bigger campaign is currently ongoing.
  4. International: We have liaised with our friendship pact LO, JCI Medan, Indonesia to connect compatible businesses.
On a national level, we are hosting 200 JCI members for 2019 Area Convention at the quaint Pulau Ketam to promote eco-tourism in Klang.
Besides that, we are also currently rebranding JCI Bandar Klang as an effective and focused organization by winning 7 awards, including Overall Championship at the 2018 APCSC
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Post campaign, 95% of students reported a better understanding and confidence in handling bullies.
JCI Bandar Klang
Project Description
  1. Promote awareness and harmful impact of bullying in schools.
  2. Encourage active participation of children to tackle bullying.
  3. Build the ability of education staff and learners to prevent and respond to bullying.
  4. Establish systems to report school violence and bullying and to provide support and services.
Project Result
  1. Representative from Education Department spoke about recognizing the symptoms of bully/ victims and required reporting protocols.
  2. Inspector Lee from PDRM gave a speech on legal consequences of bullying.
  3. Promoted non-violent approaches to discipline and class management.
  4. An interactive colouring contest by our sponsor to promote one of the UNSDG goals, “Peace Is Possible” to promote peace culture
  5. President of JCI Bandar Klang gave a talk on the role every student as equal partners/bystanders’ action in tackling bullying.
  6. Students to assist teachers in identifying danger spots or areas in school.
  7. Students were also taught simple self-protection techniques by our ambassador, Andy Teh, a mixed martial arts expert.
  8. Provided school staff with information and poster to help them prevent, identify and respond bullying.
  9. School was urged to set up a school protocol tailored to their system in case of bullying. PDRM attendance demonstrated their support and seriousness of bullying
What impact has this project created in the community / nation?
When community, parents and youth are involved in the solutions:
  1. Students feel safer and can focus on learning.
  2. Parents worry less.
  3. Teachers and staff can focus on their work.
  4. School climate improves
  5. Parents can support schools’ messages about bullying at home.
  6. Anti-bullying messages are more effective if they come from many adults in a community.
  7. Encourage members of the public and youth to seek out interested partners from a variety of sources
How has this project help to advance the chosen SDG?
Quality Education (SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning)

This campaign acts as a starting point for schools to continuing contributing educational content and skills they need to communicate, negotiate and resolve problems peacefully, to inculcate values of tolerance, respect and solidarity and to promote non-violence in the wider community.
8.Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages).
School violence and bullying also has an impact on the mental and emotional health of perpetrators and of bystanders.
The tagline for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is “Leaving No One Behind.” explain how your project helps to realize the commitment of UNSDGs for the future.
To fulfil the Pledge to Leave No One Behind, JCI Bandar Klang took the following steps for this campaign:
  1. Analyse:
    • Raising awareness is an essential first step
    • Identify most vulnerable group of students
  2. Act:
    • Planning BE A BUDDY, NOT A BULLY as an inclusive, interactive campaign Implement an action plan to reach all excluded groups
    • Ensure that appropriate finances by fund raising.
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