Building Better Lives Together

Mah Sing Foundation has worked tirelessly to provide for the lesser fortunate through the Building Better Lives program. This program has collaborated with notable charitable organizations like EPIC Home, Incitement, DAYBREAK and INSAF Malaysia that helps to aid the unfortunate and the needy. Through these collaborations Team Mah Sing was able to lend their support not only in monetary terms, but physical support as well. We constructed a home for an Orang Asli family in Sekeping Serendah, generated sustainable lighting and build sanitation disposal system for a village in Cameron Highlands and outskirts of Klang Valley.Over the course of 12 years, Mah Sing has incorporated the support of many charitable organizations who share the same goal in enhancing the quality of life to irradiate poverty. Our partner, EPIC Home help volunteering staff to get a hands-on experience on what it was like to actually construct home. Under cautious supervision, the volunteers erected a complete structure from the ground-up. Through Incitement’s Liter of Light, volunteers learned the skills to create and install
sustainable lights. Some even visited the Orang Asli families after the project for further assistance.Mah Sing Group also worked with Insaf Malaysia to bring safe and sanitized disposal systems to various villages around Malaysia. Others partners were MERCY Malaysia, CADS Centre, TMF Foundation, Tesco Malaysia and Dignity for Children Foundation. This project aims to aid the unfortunate and needy to improve their living conditions. Having one less problem to worry about, they can then focus on sustaining their daily lifestyle and further improve their income to increase their standard of living. Aside from that, we also want to create the awareness to the public so that more people will be able to lend a helping hand in ending poverty.


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