Award Categories

  • JCIM Sustainable Development Award will be granted to sustainable projects conducted by companies and organisations/association that advance any of the UN Sustainable Development Goal.
  • Each company/organisation/association may submit multiple projects.
  • Each project submitted must be linked to one or few specific SDGs.
  • Total 40 finalist (included company & Organisations/association)
  • Most outstanding project will be selected among all the winners.
  • Total award trophies to be presented = 17 award winners + 1 Most Outstanding Project

Elements of JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award’s Trophy

The 5 pillars of the JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award (JCIM SDA)’s trophy represent the 5 Ps of United National Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

which are: People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership and PeaceThe globe represents our Earth, being protected by the 5 pillars and Sustainable Development Award (SDA) logo shining on top to represent the effort and work being done by the companies and organisations that help to protect our earth, in line with the 5 Ps of the UNSDG.  The hexagon base represents the 6 sides of the JCIM SDA logo, which featured the colors of the UNSDGs.

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