Alphacap Startup Incubation Program

This project aims to boost the Digital Economy growth in South East Asia and creating wealth to the region. It creates a channel for the employees to share their knowledge and experience in a structured manner, creating a bigger impact on digital economy. The employees are also building up and strengthening their area of expertise, gaining direct recognition among the startup community, while expanding their personal network. The current standing of South East Asia in the centre of high growth globally opening up a great window of opportunity for the people in the region to ‘hyper-jump’ into the digital economy era, bringing high economic growth and uplifting the living standard. Nurturing our own global IT companies will not only boost the economic growth, but also building up wealth to our own people.This project can be accelerated and created in a mass scale and we want to set a different kind of precedence that it could be done. We are also educating the capital know-how to the founders within our incubation program which is beyond innovation itself, but a booster to support this high growth industry. It’s a scalable structure to encourage innovation.


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