Finalist Goal#2- Syarikat Sri Minyak Tenaga

Hunger Relief


Food bank project, named 1 Food 1 Love, is JCI Bandar Segamat’s flagship project since 2019. This project collects non-perishable food and redistributes to the most vulnerable citizens in Segamat. We are giving a helping hand to elderly, disabled, orphans and indigenous orang asli. The project objectives are to end hunger by providing food to the needy families especially for those single mother families, old folks, extra low income households, those with illness and disabled kids. The motive behind is to provide food & comfort to the poor and needies through the contribution and personal distribution of food and daily necessities. The targeted ben- eficiaries are the old folks, homeless, low income and elderlies residing in the various places.
To fulfill the goal of ending hunger and wiping out food wastage in our society, Syarikat Sri Minyak Tenaga Sdn Bhd has been committed yearly by taking care of Homeless children in Children home, the old and elderly people in the old folk’s home, and the blind in the Blind Centre since 2010.

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