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Recognise sustainable projects conducted by companies and organisations/association that advance any of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG).

Award entry is open to all types of companies, corporation, Micro, Partnership, SMEs, MNCs, GLCs and NGOs, NPOs, University Groups

Projects eligible are SDG related projects that are done as a CSR initiative of the company or the organisation main focus.

The project should be conducted by the company staff / volunteer itself.

The project conducted by the company or organisation must be continuous and sustainable, not a once-off or seasonal affair (e.g. only do during festivals).

Project submitted must be linked to one or few specific SDGs.

Project submitted can be self funded or funded externally, regardless of amount.

The company/organisation must be registered and valid under ROC / ROS / ROY minimum 1 year, not bankrupt, and does not have any legal suit/reputation that may impair the image of this award program.  For University category, proof of affiliation to the university is needed.